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About us

About us

Our company has a long tradition. It provides comprehensive services in the field of sharpening, refurbishment, and production of diamond tools.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the tools that we make are characterized by high quality, precision and much higher effectiveness and durability compared to standard tools (HM, HSS).

We offer shank-type cutters that we sell at all times, as well as profile and straight shank cutters and saws that we make upon customers’ orders. In our offer there are also tools for machining non-ferrous metals and other materials used in modern industry. We provide diamond cutters for both individual machines and complete process lines.

In addition to sales, we also sharpen and refurbish all kinds of tools with diamond blades that are used in the production of furniture, floor panels, wall panels, postforming and work tables, and in the machine industry (cutters for the production of engine heads, pistons, rims, etc.). We perform sharpening services using the latest technologies on new generation equipment, by way of electrodischarge machining and by grinding. Numerical control machines make it possible to achieve superior accuracy and error-free stability of sharpening, which guarantees long and efficient operation of the tools and repeatability of the product. In order to avoid any erroneous measurements, all tools are cleaned in special ultrasound washers. Before leaving our facility, each sharpened tool is checked for balancing and stability of operation.

The use of our tools contributes to a higher quality of products and an increased effectiveness of the production process. We perform our services quickly and with high precision, which is very important to our customers.